Cone dyeing

Storage service, preparation of the yarn in a dyeing coil and the dyeing itself in a cone or skein. For coil dyeing we have machines from 50 Kg to 2,000 Kg and we can dye:

  • Cotton/Viscose/Linen/Jute – direct, reactive and indantrenes. The choice between the 3 types of dyes will be given by the fastness to washing and light that the client requires.
  • Polyester (Textured, staple fiber, Microfibers, taslanized, discats, flame retardant…)- dispersed
  • Acrylics- cationics
  • Polyamide / Lana-acids
  • Acetate- Dispersed
  • Mixtures of the above.

Skein dyeing

Skein cabinets that allow the dyeing of materials such as acrylic, cotton or viscose, making the thread rounder. We have batches from 25 Kgs to 360 Kgs per color.

We also have 2 machines to dye gradients of up to 3 shades and a mercerizing machine for cotton.


We have 2 warpers, one of them automatic for rapports of up to 160 threads and another conventional with 1200 positions.

For the automatic we have the possibility of making small industrial print runs without the need to split cones (according to account and rapport), increasing flexibility, delivery time and cost. Since we have yarn dyeing, we carry out warps for dyed yarns, adapting to our own dyeing capacity, which is why we also reduce waste.